Treat Gingivitis Gum Disease


Gingivitis and other Gum Disease is not only uncomfortable, painful, and embarrassing, but will also lead to more severe problems in the future if left untreated. Above all else that Seaside Dental provides for you, your oral health matters to us, and if you experience any of the following symptoms you should come in for a consultation about the health state of your gums and how we can work together to bring your mouth back to optimum health!

Symptoms of Gum Disease:

  • Bad Breath
  • Painful, or swollen gums
  • Blue or purple gums
  • Gums that bleed after brushing
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How to Treat Gum Disease and Gingivitis

Depending on the severity and progression of the disease will alter how easy or difficult it will be to repair your gums and bring them back to happy health. It is likely that if your gums are bothering you enough to have looked it up online, you should give us a call and schedule an appointment, as the problem has likely progressed to the point where you will need a dentist to help you. Don’t worry though, we have many tools to combat each and every stage of gum disease!

Appointment with a Dental Hygienist

A cornerstone to the build up of gum disease is plaque, and with a simple appointment to get your teeth properly cleaned and scaled by a professional will help you get your gums on track months faster than even the most strictest and dedicated of oral regiment.

Dentist Prescribed Mouth Rinse

Mouth wash will certainly help your gums if you have gum disease, but if it has progressed to the point where you have taken notice of the issue, you may need something dentist prescribed to help your gums recover fast. Dr. Duffy may prescribe an oral rinse to treat your gum disease if it will help you recover faster. What’s more convenient is that you can pick up your prescription next door at the Pharmasave right after your appointment!

Have Severe Gum Disease and Not Sure Where to Start?

If you have severe gum inflammation, we also offer a laser treatment that can be administered in a few short appointments to treat problems with your gums. In most cases the treatment of gum disease will not need to be treated with this method, but the option is available if you need complete treatment.

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