Invisalign Solution to Braces

Looking for an Invisalign Dentist in Vancouver?


Dr. Tyler Duffy mastered the official “Invisalign Certification Course II” taught by Align Technology Inc. (the makers of Invisalign), and has since performed over 300 Invisalign Cases in Kitsilano successfully integrating Invisalign Dentistry into the core of the Seaside dental practice.

Dr. Duffy has been helping patients in Kitsilano and New Westminster achieve the smiles that they have always dreamed of by providing a practical and affordable way to achieve life changing results, without the hassle of traditional metal braces with Invisalign services.


Why Invisalign is Right for YOU

You’re not getting any younger, and perhaps you have been on the fence about braces for years? Invisalign treatments are a simple way to change your life in a major way with very little effort. You will be surprised at how affordable and painless it is to take life in your hands and make a positive change today.


Why not have beautiful, straight teeth, and live the healthy lifestyle you deserve?
The Seaside Dental team is here to help! Call us today (604)-733-2777, or visit our Vancouver Practice and all of your reservations will become a distant memory after you give a chance to try it for yourself.

A winning smile makes winners of us all. —Unknown

Invisalign Cost in Vancouver

The exact cost of Invisalign in Vancouver varies slightly from patient to patient depending on your exact needs, but we can easily estimate it for you. This is the industry standard rate recommended for Invisalign professionals in Vancouver, and when all is said and done you will have a beautiful set of perfectly straight teeth to spotlight your smile.

The full Invisalign Cost does not have to be paid up front, so you can pay for your new Invisalign aligners as your treatment progresses towards our end goal.

An Informative Video Explaining Invisalign

This video is a bit cheesy, but we love it because it covers the ‘behind-the-scenes’ process of how Invisalign aligners work, and what you can expect when coming in for Invisalign treatments. See everything that happens, from the moment your walk into our Dental Practice on 4th, to how you can see instant results of how your teeth will look using 3D Technology, and some examples of what people can expect from the experience of this revolutionary treatment.

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword. —John Ray

Invisalign Isn’t an Alternative to Metal Braces—it’s the Next Generation

Invisalign Aligners are one of the latest advances in Modern Dentistry, and enables you to fix many problems common to crooked teeth such as tooth gaps, crowded teeth, and ‘Buck Teeth’. Invisalign offers a quick and easy way to rectify these issues without spending countless hours in the dental chair common to traditional orthodontic treatments.

You are not restricted to what kinds of foods and drinks you can consume while wearing Invisalign Aligners, because the comfortable plastic molds are easily removable. Nuts, Fruits, Veggies, and other delicious goodies are still on the menu with Invisalign. You are also able to brush and floss your teeth normally for the duration of the treatment, so there is no need to poke at your gums with tools that look and feel suspiciously like miniature dish cleaners!

Invisalign Teen – The Modern Approach to Beautiful, Straight Teeth for Teens


Invisalign Teen is an affordable solution to the long term impact of straight teeth for teenagers. The Invisalign aligners for teens are much the same as the adult versions, in that they are molded specifically to the individual using them. The main difference is that they also come with a hidden blue dot on the aligners that intentionally wears down with use, so that you know when it is time to come in to advance to the next stage of your treatment. This doubles in function so that parents can ensure that their teens are properly wearing the aligners throughout the day (since Invisalign aligners they are easily removable at any time.)

Our Invisalign Teen Treatments also come with 6 Free Aligner replacements, because we remember what it’s like to have a young and active lifestyle. Hey, stuff happens, and aligners get lost. Simple fact of life and no big deal with Seaside =)

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