Porcelain Crowns & Bridges


Dental Crowns and Bridges are long term solutions to problematic, decayed, or damaged teeth in need of restoration. Dr. Tyler Duffy is a Vancouver Dentist who has helped many patients in Kitsilano achieve a healthy new smile with Crowns for single teeth, and Bridges for larger areas of restoration. Dr. Duffy prides himself as a skilled Vancouver dental practitioner who believes that no smile is ever beyond rescue. Supporting him with the restoration lab work is the MicroDental Vancouver, BC laboratory, of international prestige who craft some of the best restoration models in Vancouver.

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What to Expect from A Dental Crown Procedure

Most cosmetic tooth Crowns will be made from Porcelain, and are affixed to your existing teeth in a simple and painless procedure. If you need crowns for your teeth, generally the procedure will be broken down into two straight-forward appointments:

Dentist Appointment 1: Root Canal

If you need a Crown for your Tooth, it will likely first require a Root Canal in order to remove any decay or damage from your tooth before the Crown is placed. This is because a Dental Crown must be affixed to a healthy tooth, or problems will arise down the road that can lead to additional oral health problems in the future.

If you have a substantially damaged or chipped tooth, additional preparation may need to be done to the tooth in order to have it properly ready for a Crown, but this usually takes no more than an hour and will also be handled by Dr. Duffy in your first appointment. Finally, an impression will be taken for your tooth, which is sent to MicroDental Lab in order to make a custom crown specifically fitted for you.

Dentist Appointment 2: Placement of the Crown

Once your tooth is healthy and ready for a new Crown, we will bring you in for another simple appointment where the crown is affixed to your tooth. This is a simple process where Dr. Duffy will take your Custom fitted Porcelain Crown from the Dental lab and properly affix it to your tooth with special dental cement.

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What is the Cost of Dental Crowns in Vancouver?

Seaside Dental provides very competitive pricing on Porcelain Crowns in Vancouver without compromising on quality nor service. The exact cost of a Crown will vary depending on the state of the tooth that requires the crown, and the amount of lab work that will be required to custom make your new tooth, but you can expect typical dental crowns to cost between $1,000-1,200 per tooth. Crowns are often a procedure that can be covered under a dental care plan with dental insurance, so don’t forget that if you have dental insurance we will work with you to maximize the value you receive from your plan.

What to Expect if I need to get a Bridge for my Teeth?

The procedure to get a bridge for your teeth is much the same as getting a Crown, and will only require two simple procedures:

Appointment #1: Site Preparation and Taking Impressions

This is the bigger of the two appointments, where Dr. Duffy will prepare your teeth in the site where the Bridge will be placed to make sure that they will be healthy once the Bridge is affixed. The appointment may require some minor preparation work such as altering the surface of your teeth to fit the Bridge. An impression is then taken of your mouth, which is then sent off to MicroDental lab where a Custom Bridge is constructed to fit your needs.

Appointment #2: Fitting of Your New Bridge

The actual process of affixing a new Bridge to your teeth is relatively straight forward and can be done in one appointment once the lab has built a Custom Bridge fit for your mouth. This is a simple process that will provide lasting results for years into your future.

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What is the Cost of a Dental Bridge?

The cost of a New Bridge for your teeth greatly depends on the amount of preparation and labwork that will need to be done in order to restore your teeth. Seaside Dental provides competitive prices for Bridges that typically cost between $2,800-3000. In order to properly discover how much a Dental Bridge may cost you, drop by our office for a free consultation about this procedure.