Dental Implants


Living in Vancouver and looking for a Dentist who does exemplary Dental Implants? Dr. Tyler Duffy is an Implant Specialist, with years of qualified experience bringing smiles to women, men, and children. Weather you have lost teeth, or are dealing with a single unhealthy tooth that may need to go, Dental Implants are a great, permanent, option for those who need of dramatic cosmetic enhancement.

Choosing Dental Implants is a Big Life Decision—Make the Right One!

You deserve the Best Dental Implants fit for you. Seaside Dental has been in Kitsilano for over 20 years, and now has Dr. Tyler Duffy who is shaking things up in Vancouver, using only Modern Implantology techniques and practices to ensure you have Exceptional Dental Implants that trulygive you something to smile about.

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Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

As an Implant Dentist in Vancouver; Dr. Tyler Duffy has seen it all! Perhaps you have had an injury and need to replace a tooth at the front of your mouth (common with sports players), or you have adecayed tooth that is causing you serious pain? Generally speaking, the common reason to get Dental Implants in Vancouver is because you need to replace a missing tooth, or an existing one that absolutely has to go (if a tooth doesn’t have to be removed, but is decayed or damaged, aDental Crown is usually more appropriate for example.)

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants refer to specialized metallic posts or ‘screws’ that are carefully driven into the bone of the jaw, or the roof of your mouth. These Implants are manufactured from quality composite metals completely safe for permanent placement in a patient’s mouth. Many of the newest modern advances in Dental Implant technology have given them superior features such as microscopic surface pores that allow your bone to grow into them for faster recovery (Osseointegration) after one is placed, or specialized heads that allow for instant attachment of a crown or bridge after the Implant is placed.

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