Cosmetic Dentistry


Regardless of your dental history, or past experiences with cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Tyler Duffy can help you achieve the smile that you have been dreaming about. Stop holding yourself back and embrace a fresh start with a dental professional that has a master artisan’s touch. Work with Tyler to breathe life into your smile, and become inspired to leave a lasting impression on those you meet with a beautiful smile. Like a master painter who can create great works on any canvas; Tyler is able to produce amazing results that will leave you feeling like a priceless work of art.

Teeth Whitening – $199 – Fast, dramatic results!

A winning smile makes winners of us all.—Unknown

Why Should I Use a Cosmetic Dentist in Vancouver?

Your smile is an indication of your happiness and health, and should be important to you. By improving your smile, even if it is a small procedure that changes your perception, you will look and feel better. Celebrities are great examples to look at for Cosmetic Dentistry, because we can relate to them together and understand that their dental work has been performed to directly improve their lifestyle. You too deserve the celebrity treatment to in turn take your life to the next level, and pay less for it with a local community oriented dental office like Seaside Dental in Kitsilano.

Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry in Vancouver

It’s hard to put a price on something Tyler must cater to you as an individual. Seaside Dental has a range of Cosmetic Dentistry options available no matter what your budget may be. Modern advances, and increases in the popularity of dental implants has helped to drive the costs of these procedures down over the years, and even more affordable solutions, such as Veneers are available for those who want a no-compromise solution to perfect teeth on a budget.

Your best pricing option is to come in to our Vancouver clinic for a consultation, to discover the best dental procedures available towards attaining that picture perfect smile with beautiful teeth. Seaside Dental’s excellent administration team are well versed in dealing with insurance companies, and will assist you in attaining the best coverage for your work.

Peace begins with a smile.—Mother Teresa


Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, Inlays and Onlays

Depending on the degree of damage to a tooth, different forms of a fixed prosthetic can be fabricated. There are 5 parts to a tooth. When the majority of the parts are decayed or damaged, a crown is usually the best option. When a filling won’t suffice, and a crown is not needed, a more conservative option would be an inlay, or an onlay.


A bridge utilizes 2 or more teeth to fill in a missing tooth space. A 3-unit fixed prosthetic is cemented over the abutments and the missing tooth, called the pontic, spans the gap, making an aesthetic, functional and permanent solution.


Thin 0.3 mm – 0.5 mm porcelain prostheses can be crafted in a dental lab with premium aesthetics and durability. Typically, veneers can be provided to a patient with no, or minimal preparation to the teeth. During 2 to 3 appointments, a costume smile makeover can be created. The final veneer makeover can be guaranteed for 5 years.