Botox Cosmetic


Don’t Settle for Less Than a Facial Aesthetic Professional

Dr. Tyler Duffy is a Trusted Authentic Botox Cosmetic Provider, who helps people improve their facial aesthetics on a daily basis with years of experience in both Cosmetic Dentistry and Facial Botox.

Are Botox Cosmetic Facial Injections Right For Me?

Botox Injections are completely appropriate for both women and men, and are ideal for adults of any age looking to either look younger, or slow down the appearances of the aging process through preventative use. Botox Cosmetic has been used in over 11.8 Million Injections as of 2008, and continues to be the best non-invasive procedure to reduce wrinkles and look younger.

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Buy Affordable Botox Cosmetic in Vancouver from a Professional

Dr. Duffy believes that buying Botox Cosmetic procedures should be affordable and performed right the first time. Don’t compromise cost for excellence, nor quality for price. Dr. Duffy has completed the Official Botox Training program at the Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics (PTIFA), and has now been providing reasonably priced and safe Botox Cosmetic procedures for 5 years in Vancouver.


Cost of Botox Cosmetic in Vancouver

Seaside Dental has an extremely competitive rate of $9 per unit of Botox, which is one of the most affordable rates in the city of Vancouver. This fee is the same no matter which procedure you are interested in, and the only variable is how many units of Botox your desired injections will require. Visit us for a free consultation and we can personalize a free estimate for you.

Seaside Dental Makes It Easy to Try Botox Cosmetic for Yourself

Visit Our Practice Today for a Free Consultation

Dr. Duffy and his team can quickly meet with you to discuss your personal Botox Cosmetic needs, and can produce a treatment plan that works for you. There is no cost obligation to come in today and discuss a future of new possibilities. So, why wait?

Start Looking Younger in 15 Minutes — Today!

Each Botox Cosmetic Injection procedure typically takes between 15—20 minutes, and allows you continue on with your day as if nothing happened, but you will certainly quickly notice changes within the next few days; as the first 7 days after injection typically show the most drastic changein the smoothing of the muscles under the skin after the first treatment.

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What to Expect From a Botox Cosmetic Injection Procedure

The actual procedure of injecting Botox Cosmetic is very straight forward. We will make an appointment for you to come to our Vancouver Dental Practice, where you will receive quick, painless injections in under 20 minutes. These will relax the nerves and smooth muscles near the injection site over the next 3-4 months, with the most drastic results happening in the first week. Typical injection sites we work on include:

Botox Cosmetic Eye Brow Lift

This is our most popular procedure for younger women who want to quickly take years off their appearance. By raising the eye brows you open and round the eyes which make you look younger, more innocent, and of course, more attractive!

Deep Wrinkles on the Forehead (Glabellar Frown Lines)

The deep creases on the top of your forehead, otherwise known as Glabellar Frown Lines, are one of the most dramatic muscles that Botox Cosmetic is capable of invigorating. Typically after your first treatment, you will notice a much smoother, more youthful appearance of your forehead.

Wrinkles Around the Mouth, Mouth Frown Wrinkles, and Irregular Chin Dimples

Dr. Duffy presents another way to make your smile beautiful without even touching your teeth; Botox Cosmetic can be used around the mouth area to target specific problem areas where strain from emoting has caused the skin to sag. This is common with frown lines, or wrinkles around the mouth, making them great candidates for Botox Cosmetic Facial Injections.

Wrinkles Around Your Eyes – ‘Crows Feet’

Botox Cosmetic can be specifically used to tighten and smooth the loose muscles around the outer edges of the eyes. This results in a removal or reduction of the ‘Crow’s Feet’ wrinkle lines that become prominent around the eyes as you naturally age.


Hypohydrosis can be treated with a simple Botox procedure that can treat severe under arm sweating. Contact our office for further details on how to make your summer more comfortable with this affordable procedure!

How Safe is Botox Cosmetic in Vancouver?

Botox Cosmetic has been on the consumer market with full FDA and Health Canada approval for over 10 years, and has been extensively researched in over 2,400 medical studies. Botox Cosmetic is Completely Safe if administrated correctly by a trained professional. Dr. Duffy has full authority to provide Genuine Botox Cosmetic procedures in Vancouver, and routinely stays up to date with the latest information from Allergan products through both seminars and hands–on CE Courses.

Temporary side effects and rare complications can arise if your body is not in a healthy state when undergoing treatment. Seaside Dental strongly believes that your health must come before anything else; So patients looking to start with Botox Cosmetic should be in good overall health before starting treatment. Seaside Dental will diligently asses your health history, and ensure that Botox Cosmetic is safe for your personal use before starting any injection procedures.

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