Affordable Full Mouth Exams



Looking for a Second Opinion?

Have a specific oral concern that you want a simple professional examination for?

Not sure what to do with pain in your mouth that has started suddenly?

Full Mouth Exams for General Concerns

Drop by our office for affordable new patient exams. Seaside Dental can provide a professional full mouth spec exam to determine the exact root of your oral concerns, and provide you with acomplimentary free estimate and treatment plan if you need any dentist work done to give you lasting peace of mind over any oral health concerns you may have. Dr. Logesh is a professional dentist who has been specializing in Cosmetic Dentistry in Vancouver for over 10 years. Each full mouth exam will be conducted by at least two members of our team, and will be personally reviewed by Tyler, who will use his years of hands on experience and training to solve your concerns and let you know of anything you should be appraised of with the state of your oral health.

..Twice I have lived forever in a smile.—E.E. Cummings

Specialized Exam for Specific Mouth Problems

If you have a specific issue or concern with an area of your mouth that you just want dealt with today, such as a tooth ache, jaw pain, chipped tooth, bleeding gums, etc. Seaside Dental provides avery affordable specialized examination for $33.70 that will allow Dr. Duffy to evaluate the area of your mouth that is causing you concern, and provide you with a professional recommendation as to your best course of action to resolve the issue that you are having. You can even use this quick and easy service if you have never been a patient at Seaside Dental before, making very easy for you to drop by our office and just have your troubles dealt with, today!