Dentist Reviews & Testimonials

Vancouver Dentist Reviews and Testimonials

We know that finding a new dentist can be a challenge, you deserve to put yourself in the hands of the best dental care possible. We have collected feedback in the form of dentist reviews and testimonials that some of our recent patients have been kind to submit to us. We know we are not perfect, but we always push ourselves to improve, so if you have feedback from your experience at our Vancouver Clinic, please contact us!

..Made My Time at His Office Extremely Comfortable Despite My Anxiety

I hadn’t been to the dentist in years, partly because I am never comfortable having things that go “buzz” in my mouth, but also because dentistry is something I’ve never really understood. Dr. Duffy seemed to sense this fear in me and made my time at his office extremely comfortable despite my anxiety about the whole thing.

When he was done my check-up he explained very clearly what the next steps were to having a healthy mouth and what it would take to get there. He showed me the pros and cons of all my options and was actually really accommodating when it came to my next appointment (he skipped lunch to fit me in)!

Overall, he’s a great doctor and my worst fear is no longer the dentist!

—Teebs L.

Everything Was, and Has Always Been Good From Start to Finish

I’ve been with Dr. Duffy for 4 years. Recently I had my routine cleaning. Everything was, and has always been good from start to finish. I receive my notice both 2 weeks in advance, as well as 2 days in advance of any appointment that I have at Seaside, which is extremely helpful given my busy work schedule. I will continue to use Dr. Duffy for all my future dental needs, as will my family and friends.

—Nate G.

..Impressed By His Ability To Reschedule Appointments To Fit My Schedule

Very professional, honest, and helpful. So helpful in fact, that when I was due for some fillings, he agreed to postpone the procedure until my dental plan kicked in at work, so I could save serious cash. Not only did he cater to my financial position, I’ve always been impressed by his ability to reschedule appointments to fit my schedule and have been happy with all the work he’s done.

—Scott P.

He’s a Talented Dentist and Takes Pride in His Work

Dr Duffy took out 2 of my wisdom teeth, one of which was growing sideways, with minimal impact in the following days. I’d heard you could be inflamed for weeks. I followed instructions and was back at work after the weekend.

Then I started Invisalign with him. I got married in the middle of my Invisalign treatment so he offered to remove the ‘attachments’ on my teeth mid-treatment and he was able to re-attach them perfectly when I returned. He’s a talented Dentist and he takes pride in his work and he does stuff for free.

He runs a business so if he offers you fancy dental work that you don’t want, say no. Just consider what’s right for your budget and your desire for perfect teeth.

In my 2+ years with him, he’s been patient and caring in his explanations, talked through risk/rewards and made me trust him. My husband is a doctor and is very discerning. We’ve both been happy with our choice with Dr Duffy. We don’t know him personally, but I’m really pleased, and so is my (sometimes fussy) colleague who recommended him. Go and get a consult and make your own mind up. You won’t regret it.

—Joeline H.

Prompt Emergency Response and Call Follow-Up

I’ve been going for a year, and started with a good discussion and review of my general medical condition and teeth that hadn’t been looked at for over seven years. Easy painless procedures to get them cleaned and on a quarterly schedule. Prompt emergency response and call follow-up.

—Bill G.

Wonderful Doctor – Very Sincere and Charming.

Wonderful Doctor-very sincere and charming. Listens well, and is thorough in his exam and his explanations. He fixed my teeth, and helped with all my questions, always put me needs and finances first. Wonderful staff, and very friendly, helpful receptionist. Dr. Duffy is knowledgeable and compassionate, and has helped me save a lot of money, by doing what is best for me. In Both cosmetic and applied denstistry- he is in expert. I love this Doctor- and his vibe.

—Alix L.

Dr Duffy Was Very Gentle And Understood My Needs.

Had a great experience. Dr duffy was very gentle and understood my needs. staff ensured my insurance would cover my treatment. thanks